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Does it Make Sense?

I mean, maybe a thousand bucks a year for cable....

One Click Live TV Supported Channels ($265.00 package)-

Live TV Supported Channels

Can I really watch live sports on the JeeStream Boxes?

Yes you can watch almost any live sporting event from all over the world.

Are there any extra charges or monthly fees that I would need to pay for?

Absolutely not!

Does the player come preloaded with all of the addons used to find popular video content,or do I need to install them myself?

Yes Our Players come

Can I still use Netflix and Hulu?

Sure - But why would you

Can JeeStream TV Boxes be used on multiple tv's?

NO - Each TV

Can I watch Live Sports?

Several sports add-ons

Is there a warranty on the JeeStream TV boxes?


Can Multiple JeeStream TV Boxes be used in one household?

Yes, Multiple players

Does the content update when new content comes out?

Yes, all of the addons

Do the preloaded addons update themselves, or do I need to manually update themselves?

Yes, All of the addons

What else can I do on the BOX besides watch TV Shows, Movies and Sports?


Can I connect an external hard drive to my JeeStream?


Does JeeStream Boxes get Local Channels?

Yes & No..

Is Streaming TV Shows and Movie from the internet illegal?

The laws state that

What is this Box?

Smart TV Box

What is Kodi?

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC)

Do I need one TV Box for every TV?


How do I connect my TV Box to the internet?

You can connect your TV Box

Why Isn't Everyone Using This Device?

Honestly, we just don't know.

How Can This Possibly Be Legal?

Think About YouTube Services