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JeeStream Media Player

$124.97 $249.97

The JeeStream Media Player is the fastest, most versatile streaming media box to be released! This little box comes packed with unlimited streaming options.

3 Views/Builds to choose from:

1. Family includes: Movies, TV Show's, Live Tv, Sports - as advertised
2. Mixed Includes: XXX/Adult, Movies, TV Show's, Live Tv, Sports
3. Adult Includes: Adult Only Material 


Simply connect your JeeStream Media Player to your TV's HDMI port and the Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, download/Install your JeeStream App, select your look/view and start streaming.  Includes Free Shipping

Package contents: Standard/Basic Remote control & Mini Wireless Keyboard Remote, Power Adapter, HDMI CABLE, User Manual *JeeStream Media Player may come with/without our JeeStream logo sticker

No Monthly Fees or Subscriptions!

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